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Do you intend to publish your article in a top-ranking journal like some of our clients or submit a report, proposal, business document, etc.?

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What Makes us Exceptional

For language editing and proofreading, we’ll appoint experts to work on your paper. If you need further assistance, we’ll be happy to aid you at no additional charge.

Our Commitment

Whether you are in college, an undergraduate student, pursuing a master’s or PhD degree, working on a separate statement, book report, analysis paper, or creative project, our professional proofreading and editing services can help. Our service is a location where students may understand the value they can afford. You will receive qualified aid from our writers regardless of where you are right now because they have already assisted numerous students from throughout the world.

Because we cherish your patronage and trust in us, we make every effort to provide our customers with great service every time.

Services We Render

• Website Proofreading
• Focus Group Proofreading
• Content Proofreading
• Market Research Proofreading
• Dissertation Proofreading
• Submission Preparation Proofreading
• Language Proofreading
• Website Content Proofreading
• Online Proofreading
• Research Paper Proofreading

• Scientific Manuscript Proofreading
• Proofreading Combination
• Industry Proofreadin
• Novel Proofreading
• Bilingual Proofreading
• Thesis Proofreading Services
• Academic Proofreading
• Book Proofreading

• Multilingual Proofreading
• Document Proofreading
• Conference Proofreading
• Legal Proofreading
• Journal Article Proofreading
• Business Proofreading
• Sermon Proofreading
• Print Media Proofreading
• Social Media Content Proofreading

Prudent Editage Team Are Experts in the Following Fields And More..












We are trusted by household names

Why choose Prudent Editage?

We employ professionals in the field of editing. Our editors are leaders in a variety of academic fields. Your paper will be polished and free of grammatical mistakes, thanks to our academic editors. You can deliver your manuscript to our editors with confidence.
Our editors come from a variety of nations, including USA,UK, Canada, Australia, and many more. They hold advanced degrees from prestigious institutions in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada..etc
PRIVACY ASSURANCE The protection of your  report is crucial, and only  the editing director  and the designated 
author will have access 
to it. We value that and 
we will keep it confidential.
We work hard to please the customers. Our editing and proofreading services adhere to a strict quality assurance technique, and each step of the process is independently examined to ensure that it complies with global standards.
We are committed to providing high-quality editorial services to authors, researchers, students, and businesses across the globe at an affordable price.


The price is based on the word count of a document

1000 - 5000 words

$ 125
  • Language editing
  • Proofreading

5001 - 8000 words

$ 205
  • Language editing
  • Proofreading

8001 - 15000 words

$ 245
  • Language editing
  • Proofreading

15001 - 30000 words

$ 325
  • Language editing
  • Proofreading

What our clients have to say

Ahmed Abdulmlk
Ahmed Abdulmlk
Read More
Your English language editing service is wonderful. Your response time was prompt. The manuscript's language modification is extremely accurate. In particular, the language is well-polished and excellent. The editor made very thorough revisions to the manuscript. pleased. Client unrevealed His name The designation has been kept confidential, Osaka Police Hospital
Peiyang KU
Peiyang KU
Read More
The quality of the editing job was truly outstanding. The editor checked the grammar, tone, conventions regarding academic writing. The result surpassed my expectations.
Liang Lin
Liang Lin
Read More
The excitement of having my papers professionally edited by your team for this low price is a no brainier. This is a great service and I highly recommend. Thank you so much
Karel H.
Karel H.
Read More
I am a returning customer. Thank you for the clear and profound edits. I can highly recommend this fast, reliable and affordable service!
Rebecca Schamong
Rebecca Schamong
Read More
Highly competent. I would not suggest using anything else. excellent.Keni SoonHwani Professor, Ewha Womans University
Mahmood Almakli
Mahmood Almakli
Read More
I am very satisfied with your service. My research papers was full of mistakes (especially grammar and phrase errors) but after being edited and proofread by your team, my papers got accepted by the journal editor for publication.
Yasong P.
Yasong P.
Read More
My document was well edited and I received it back on time. I just want to say thank you for thoroughly editing my paper.

Why You Should Invest in Proofreading Services

To go to the following level of development, your academics pursuance or business could need higher-quality content. 

Using a qualified source of proofreading services could help you produce better and higher-quality content for academic high esteem and for your firm. 

Our editors and proofreaders will work together on this project. When your writers are done producing content for your business, they will send it to competent proofreaders. The wording should be polished by the latter.

Error-Free Content may be enhanced by a second set of eyes by employing a reputable proofreading service. Errors in this approach are very obviously seen by expert’s editors. A skilled proofreader enhances the quality of your work by correcting grammar errors as well as improving comprehension, keeping track of word flow, and maintaining consistency in style.


Our Expert Editors From Your Field

With hundreds of professional editors covering all academic disciplines, we assign every document to two editors for editing and proofreading.

Our editors are native English speakers with advanced qualifications from the US, UK, Canada, and Australia.

They hold memberships in professional bodies. 

Frequently Asked Questions

There are numerous different certificates for proofreading. Each translator and proofreader employed by The Prudent Editage has a track record of success and is a leader in their industry. Many of our proofreaders hold credentials in the field are from different associations.

A proofreader who focuses on languages needs a different set of abilities than the usual bilingual person. These experts must be able to comprehend the subject material, decipher it, and then offer a sentence-by-sentence analysis of the grammar and syntax. This skill set is especially harder to come by when dealing with technical documentation and other specialized knowledge. Services like translation and proofreading require a high level of ability.

The Prudent Editage has together experts from a range of disciplines to guarantee that your content can be accurately understood and proofread.

We work hard to ensure our clients are happy every time. Nevertheless, if you are unsatisfied with the service and can cite fair justifications, we’ll provide a re-edit or issue a partial or full refund.

We prefer your manuscript in MS word format.

You frequently have to discover folks who have been raised on the language in question for something as exact as professional proofreading. Native speakers should avoid cultural or stylistic errors that may not be obvious to individuals who learnt the language at school or later in life. A native English speaker from Britain, for instance, will be better equipped to identify errors and comprehend the slang unique to the English spoken in that part of Country than a native Spanish speaker from America. Both services for translation and proofreading must use native speakers.

Yes. We keep our client’s files in the strictest confidence. We delete the files from our system ten days after we complete the order.

Our standard turnaround time is 4 days. However, there is an extra cost if you want the work completed in less than 4 days.

Please note that editing and proofreading the following takes a longer time.

  • Thesis 
  • Book 
  • Novel

Feel free to discuss your deadline with us.

We edit and proofread the following documents for businesses, academics, authors and job applicants.

Manual, website content, annual report, marketing material, research paper, thesis, dissertation, journal article, essay, admission essay, personal statement, assignment, book, magazine, story, script, poetry, novel, screenplay, self-help, resume, CV, cover letter, etc.

Yes. We do offer translation and formatting services. To place your order, please contact us


The Prudent Editage exclusively employs hand-selected, experienced professional proofreaders who have thorough extensive testing. Many proofreading services in the past and many in the present have a dismal track record or unreliable proofreaders on staff. We are able to offer a highly precise and dependable professional proofreading service because to our careful screening process.

The Prudent Editage can make accurate and meaningful communication in various communities more accessible than ever before by offering a wide range of language alternatives for academia, governments, corporations, hospitals, and more.

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All academic subjects are covered by our three levels of proofreading services, which include basic proofreading, proofreading, and intensive editing.

Prudent Editage provides academic proofreading and editing services to instructors and college and university students globally. You can confidently submit your work to our experienced editors because our specialists have the knowledge and experience to manage any document.

We offer top-notch editing services to academics and students across the world.

Ready to polish and refine your writing?

Have a question? Check out our FAQ or get in touch.

About Us

With several years of experience serving 12k+ clients worldwide, Prudent Editage provides high-quality editing, proofreading and formatting services to researchers, authors, students and businesses.

Our professional editors are native English speakers with advanced qualifications from top universities in the UK, US, Australia and Canada.

Service Guarantee

Our editors work hard to provide exceptional service to our clients every time. We guarantee the quality of our work.



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